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عضویت در گیلان فارکس

Category: Video Learning
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4Hour MACD Training package

Mr. Phillip Nel’s strategy called “Hour MACD 4”, the book along with comments about system.

Download 41
Advanced Fibonacci Trading Training package

Video training of “ advanced trading with Fibonacci tool” prepared by Mr. Neal Hughes.

Download 45
Advent Forex Training package

Video training package of “Advent Forex” , prepared by Ethos Traders Credible Corporation. Teaching of trading strategy based on trend lines along with video training files and guidebook of finance management with template of introduced strategy.

Download 4
Construction and Application of the MACD Indicator Training package

Training package of “Construction and Application of the MACD Indicator”, prepared by Gerald Appel, audio file of training class and professional instructional book about the usage of MACD indicator.

Download 17
Currency Compass Training package

Training package of “Currency Compass professional strategy”, an effective trading system along with special indicators, template and video training.

Download 29
Controlled Trading Cycles and Oscillators Training package

Training package of “Controlled Trading Cycles and Oscillators”, prepared by Mr. Walter Bressert. Audio file of training sessions (over 120 min) about cycles and Oscillators (Elliott Waves) along with instructional books.

Download 39
Dynamic Trader Training package

Video training package of “Dynamic Trader professional software”, one of most powerful software on analysis and studying of chart types.

Download 39
Fibs and Trend lines Training package

Video training package of “Fibs and Trend lines”, professional and practical training about the usage of Fibonacci lines and trend line as a unit strategy along with instructional books.

Download 22
Forex Avenger Training package

Video training package of “Forex Avenger”, teaching of a complete and professional strategy , prepared by Mr. David Curran along with related books and special indicators.

Download 6
Forex Brotherhood Training package

Video training package of “Forex Brotherhood”, prepared by Mr. Jason Alan Jankovsky , along with the introduction of a successful and yet simple strategy with instructional book.

Download 2

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