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Divergence Discretionary


Divergence Discretionary System is a trading method based on divergence filtered with trend line.

We have more divergence indicator. Lead indicator,for this strategy is RSI with trend line.
Trade only in direction of divergence or at the breakout of the trend line on the RSI indicator. The other indicators are used as confirm.
This technique can be used for trading with binary options, or no options.

Time frame 5 min or higher.
Financial market : Forex, Futures, Indicies and commodities.
Expiry time 3 candles.

Super Power Binary System

Super Power Binary System is a forex trading technique that can also be used for trading with binary options. This is a price action momentum technique.
Time Frame 1 min or higher.
Markets: Forex, Commodities and indicies.

Buy Call
Five Conditions:
Price Bounce or broken down yellow line,
Enter signal Aqua bar,
Accelerator green bar,
Awesome green bar.
Color CCI from oversold zone to upward.

Buy Put
Five Conditions:
Price Bounce or broken up yellow line,
Enter signal magenta bar,
Accelerator red bar,
Awesome red bar.
Color CCI from overbougth zone todownward.



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