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Symphonie Trader System


Intraday trading strategies that may be of interest as to beginners and professionals alike. The basis of this system are the trend, the emotions of the market, the market mood and extreme points. Combining them into one tactic to create a musical symphony, which works smoothly and harmoniously. Individually, each instrument makes a faint sound, and make great music together Forex.
Installation Symphonie Trader System

Currency pairs: Any (preferably EUR / USD)
The time interval: M5
Sessions: European, American
Indicators: Four custom indicator designed for this strategy
As you can see, the strategy works 4 indicators (top to bottom): trend, Extreme points, the emotions and the mood of the market. This indicator is more signal than analytical.
Trade policy rule Symphonie Trader System

Deal to sell: LEDs indicate one direction - down. Color filters - red.
The deal to buy: LEDs indicate one direction - up. Color filters - blue.
Included in the deal is only after the closure of the signal candle. The strategy aims Symphonie Trader System - sort unnecessary movements of the market and allow a peaceful entry into the market with the main motion.
Deal Strategy Symphonie Trader System

Stop-loss insuranceshould be put right somewhere within 50 points. Possible way out of the position when changing the color of the indicator changes color Extreme signal after closing the candle. Slightly more risky option - wait for signal change of trend indicator.

After achieving 30 points profit, move the stop loss to breakeven



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