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FX - M5


FX - M5» is author trading strategy for the currency market, Which was designed to trade 5 minute chart. The system is simple to use and can bring, if used properly, good results. Used for work three indicators, two of which are standard for most POS terminals: ADX_Crossing_v.2.0, MACD (12,26,9), AO. You can trade different currency pairs, but the tool of the high volatility during operation, for example EURUSD. Use this trading strategy is to 9.00 18.00 to Moscow time. For convenience, define a time interval in the chart in the game has an indicator 60m CHART, which allocates to schedule time to trade your chosen color. When it is installed, configure it according to your time tribe.
Order to buy opens with the following conditions:

1. ADX_Crossing_v.2.0 indicator gives a buy signal as a blue dot below the graph.

2. AO indicator is colored blue.

3. MACD indicator changes direction to upward or is above zero.

Sell orderopens with the following conditions:

1. ADX_Crossing_v.2.0 indicator gives a sell signal in the form of a red dot on the graph.

2. AO indicator is red.

3. The MACD reverses the downward or below zero.
Out of position

Close the previously open position is with the appearance of the opposite, open transactions, the signal indicator ADX_Crossing_v.2.0.

Stop-loss putting on 5 points above the nearest local extremum maximum - opening sell orders, at least - when opening buy orders



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