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Skalpingovaya trading strategy Tricolor designed for active trading on the minute charts in the European session. Rules work in general are simple and do not require any special knowledge in signal processing, so try your hand can even novice traders.

For work, we need to pair with a little spread and good vibrations in the European session. The ideal would be EURUSD or GBPUSD. This paper use three moving averages with periods EMA 165, 102 and 63, as well as two Stochastics with parameters (15, 3, 9) and (30, 6, 18).
Rules skalpingovoy Strategy M1

Moving averages show us the direction in which direction to look for inputs. They have to go in the right order for the signal to high BUY, descending to signal SELL. If the EMA together messed up or crossed, ignore any signals. Location relative to a moving average price is not important, the price may be higher or lower than, or within the indicators, most importantly that they were in order, and did not interbreed. Signal to the given stochastic.
Rules for entering the purchase

- EMA (63) above EMA (102), which is above the EMA (165).
- Stochastic (30, 6, 18) entered into oversold territory (below 10).
- Stochastic (15, 3, 9) is oversold, crossing 20 bottom up.
- Inputs for the purchase should be immediately after the second Stochastic crossed the level 20.

- Stop Loss is set in size 5 points, plus a spread.
- Take Profit - 10 points, plus a spread.
Entry rules for sale similar, mirror opposite.

Not recommended to trade before and after the news, as well as public holidays, ie avoid small and excessive volatility in the market



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