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عضویت در گیلان فارکس

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FX Seer


FX Seer is based on a completely new technology that allows you to not worry about the calculation of the lot or the choice of parameters.

You only need to specify the desired profit in the range of 5% to 120% in a month and FX Seer EA itself will install all the properly.

In the words of the developers, there are 15 different trading sessions in the forex advisor FX Seer. Each of them has a certain reliability and efficiency. After selecting the desired profit Advisor sets the best session and lots, so you can get the best result! For stable operation and for avoiding drawdowns is entered simultaneously not more than 4 sessions.

Сharacteristics of FX Seer

Platform: Metatrader4
Currency pairs: Only EURUSD
Trading Time: Around the clock
Timeframe: H1
Current EA version: 1.0.2
Recommended broker: Alpari
As mentioned earlier, you can set the desired profit in the range of 5% to 120%, but you should understand that the higher profit, the higher the risk.

Parameters of FX Seer

AutoGMT – if set as true, the system will determine GMT of your broker and automatically compare it with Greenwich. If set as false , the system uses parameters from ManualGMT. Notice. Divergences can appear after switching to daylight saving time.

Attention! Auto GMT does not work during backtesting.

ManualGMT – works only if the AutoGMT is turned off. It is necessarily to indicate ManualGMT for backtesting. If you don’t know your broker’s GMT just drag and drop the advisor with turned-on AutoGMT on chart and in this case the advisor will show the data including broker’s GMT on chart.

Deposit_to_Trade – here you should indicate your start deposit or part of it with which you want to trade (profit and risks depend on it).

Attention! If you don’t set start deposit so the value remains “0”, the lot calculation will be calculating on the principle of compound interest. This is more profitable and more risky method at the same time.

Monthly_Profit – in this parameter you should specify the desirable monthly profit in the range from 5% to 120%. The lower is profitability the higher is reliability. The profitability is calculated according to the value in Deposit_to_Trade.



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