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PZ Turtle Trading Lite


Trend following systems can vary, but principle elements remain the same.

A reversal system, a very common system, has two modes: you are either long or short. It is always in the market and closes one position by opening a new one in the opposite direction.

Another type of system has three-phases adding a third mode: neutral, where you are not in the market. If you are long and you get an exit signal, you don't necessarily go short automatically. You can be out of the market.

The Turtle Trading basic principle is nothing more than adding a third mode to a reversal trend following system, by implementing a faster strategy and a tight stop-loss order. The result is this expert advisor.

What does this EA do?

Buy if the current price closes above the highest price in 80 days
Sell if the current price closes blow the lowest price in 80 days
Close longs if the current price touches the lowest price in 20 days
Close shorts if the current price touches the highest price in 20 days



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